LAFAYETTE, La (KLFY) – As few drivers braved the icy road conditions on Highway 90, it wasn’t long before sheriff’s deputies in Iberia Parish found themselves responding to five crashes, including one at the overpass on Highway 88.

“Take caution, especially on the bridges. They [drivers] need to take their foot off the gas and just let the vehicle coast across the bridge, don’t hit the brakes,” said Bill Oliver, District Administrator for LADOTD.

All overpasses in Iberia Parish were shut down late Tuesday afternoon, forcing drivers to use service roads.

And as night fell there were more accidents.

Emergency crews blocked off the overpass on Highway 90 in Broussard.

If you must head out on the road, be aware of “black ice”.

Black ice gets its name because of how it blends in with roads and is especially dangerous because it’s difficult to see from a distance.

Be extra vigilant if you must drive for work or emergencies.