ACADIANA (KLFY)–Smoke from wildfires in the western part of the state are beginning to affect residents in Acadiana.

A wildfire in Beauregard Parish is now impacting people in Evangeline Parish, as the smoke is being pushed east by the wind.

“This morning just in the woods it was a little hazy,” Faye Fontenot, a Basile resident, said. “My husband did get on the fore wheeler to go check to see, but there wasn’t any fires in the back of our house.”

Fontenot and her husband saw clouds of smoke in Basile from the wildfire, though it’s their son who lives in DeQuincy that the smoke is a real problem for.

“There was a lot of smoke. It was really thick. He couldn’t even hardly see the sunlight. The smoke was kind of overpowering the sunlight,” Fontenot said.

People near Singer and Merryville, where the wildfires are concentrated, are even more on edge.

“My son has some good friends that live between Deridder and Singer, who have things packed up in case they have to leave,” Fontenot added.

The smoke is traveling over 50 miles east, rolling into Evangeline Parish.

Liz Hill, the Director of the Evangeline Parish Office of Emergency Preparedness, said the smoke is blowing into Evangeline Parish because of the dryness and the wind.

“It was a lot thicker this morning,” Hill said. “We still have a lot of it, and I would imagine tomorrow morning it will probably be thick as well.”

Hill said many people called 911 Wednesday, seeing clouds of smoke.

“People have a concern if it’s close to their house, if there’s actually a fire, and of course there’s people that have breathing disorders like asthma and COPD, things like that. So those people definitely need to stay inside and shelter in place,” Hill added.

While firefighters in Beauregard Parish battle the wildfire, Hill said the heat and dry weather still pose risks to Acadiana.

“Don’t go driving through the thick smoke and if they do see a fire, actual flames, please call it in to 911 or your local law enforcement. Just be safe out there,” she added.