Women warn of a suspicious white van in Lafayette


LAFAYETTE, La (KLFY) — A woman is warning people in Lafayette to watch their surroundings after she says an unmarked white van with no license plate tried to run tried to kill her.

According to Meghan Romero, an almost 80 mile an hour chase on Ambassador Caffery ended when her cousin saw men in a van pointing at what she thought was a gun. She slammed on her brakes swerving into the lane of oncoming traffic. The force of her clenching her jaw broke a tooth.

“I’m always watching my surroundings,” explained Romero. “I always did do that. I never thought it would happen to me though.”

Meghan Romero had heard the stories of white vans without license plates before, but when she encountered one on the corner of Dulles and Ambassador Caffery, she was calm

“Right before we pull up a van like creeps out of Ambassador Wine and Spirits and takes up both lanes,” Romero remembered.

She waited, honked, but when the van gave her room to pass, things accelerated. The van’s front bumper to her rear, 30 grew, 40, 50, 75 miles per hour.

Romero saw the male driver and passenger of the vehicle for a brief moment. She said the man at wheel pressed his face against the glass.

“He was evil. He was out to hurt us. There was no doubt,” said Romero of the man she described as “mad”.

Her cousin beside her said, “He has a gun! Stop! He’s going to shoot us!”

Romero began to race toward the only other car on the road. Inside that truck was Devinn Jagneaux.

Jagneaux said he didn’t realize what was happening until “After I saw the van coming up too right behind her, I didn’t know what to think, and whenever I saw him try to hit her, and then she spun out right on Bertrand. She turned around, and I pulled up. I barely had my truck in park before I could get out.”

Jagneaux shielded Romero and her co-pilot as the van did a u-turn to come back, but “When he saw somebody was helping us, he just took off and left,” Romero recalled.

Both shared the encounter on Facebook which has been shared thousands of times with some people sharing their own encounters with the vehicle or ones they believe to be it.

Neither Jagneaux nor Romero are sure what the van wanted.

“You’re hearing a lot of things about sex trafficking nowadays, and stuff like that. God knows. I don’t know,” Jagneaux said.

“I don’t know what they were trying to do,” admitted Romero. “I just know what he tried to do to me that night, and that was hurt me. I don’t know if that was his whole plan all night if he does it on the daily, but I know that night he tried to kill us.”

What they do know is other drivers should watch out at night.

“They need to be careful because there’s not just one white unmarked van without any plates, Romero warned. “There’s more than one. There’s multiple out in Lafayette.”

The Lafayette Police said they are aware of the vehicle, and the Lafayette Parish Sheriff’s Office did pull over a suspicious white van with no license plate Wednesday.

It matched the description, with a significant dent on the driver’s side above the rear tire, a back door which didn’t close perfectly, and a ding on the chrome rear bumper.

However, deputies found nothing suspicious and released it after a field interview.

Women in the Lafayette community are holding a free abduction prevention and safety workshop in response to the van. This will be the first one since COVID-19 outbreak and will have police officers to assist. You can find more information here.

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