Weekend storms cause street flooding throughout Acadiana, Youngsville area spared


The City of Youngsville did not see any major flooding after this weekend’s rain, but some areas nearby did.

According to Youngsville’s city engineer, Pamela Gonzales Granger, only a few roads were closed because of the high water.

“Outside of that, Youngsville fared very well. Some of our subdivisions that we’ve done drainage improvements since the August flood showed no signs of flooding,” says Granger.

Youngsville’s City Administration was monitoring the rain all day Saturday.

According to her numbers, Youngsville saw 4 ½ inches of rain by the end of the day.

“However our neighbors to the south of us, from what we understand received a lot more than that. In some areas up to 8 inches and unfortunately, we drain to those areas that were inundated even more than we were,” says Granger.

Even with Youngsville draining south, Granger says it’s not solely the cities fault that their neighbors flooded.

Granger says, “Drainage doesn’t know political boundaries, but you have drainage impacts not only from water flowing from the north-south but also if water is backing up from the south going north.”

According to Granger to fix the flooding in Acadiana, it will take a regional approach.

She says, “we are all in this together we are all working as a regional approach. We need to be careful of singling out just one area, because you know some do more detention then others. Some have more funding, and some have control of the funding more than others. So we need to look at this as a holistic approach and work with our neighbors as a part of just singling out one particular area over the other.”

Granger says the governor has 25 million dollars available for hazards mitigation grants. Youngsville has submitted one of the seventeen applications that the Acadiana planning commission will rank on Wednesday. They will find out if they receive any of those federal dollars after that meeting.

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