Water and sewer bills going up in Mamou


What residents pay in the town of Mamou for water and sewer service could be going up.

According to reports, the proposal was presented during this month’s council meeting. If that’s the case, then customers still have a say about what they want and don’t want.

Gary Douget of Mamou is a longtime resident. Douget believes town leaders should think about the people who may not be able afford an increase.

“It is what it is, but I think they need to slow down on the people. Some people live on the income they got,” Douget added.

Douget says then there’s the other option of going without. “If you cant afford it, just cut it off. Just go with that.”

The council agenda does specify how much of a proposed rate increase was discussed. Eula Jason of Mamou says if it happens, there’s not much she can do. “What I do is get a bill and when I get the bill I just pay it.”

If it makes a difference, then she says no. “No mama I work too hard,” Jason said.

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