Virtual Reality Theme Park opens in Youngsville


Planet VR, CEO and owner Phillip Suire recently opened a virtural reality amusement park in Youngsville.

Suire names a few available advantures such as “roller coaster riding, horror games, space shooters or zombie games,” Suire said.

Suire says he has a background in computers and software design. “I’ve always been involved in gaming and computers in some sort of way. When VR got to where it is now i came up with an idea that it would be cool to have these experiences in one place.”

The goal of virtural reality is to become fully immersed in the game. “Some of the rides actually blow air on you. They move to what you’re seeing visually. So, it’s a full interactive virtural reality experience,” Suire added.

Nicholas Hutson works at Planet VR. Hutson says there are sounds and ear ducts that simulate for example a roller coaster ride.

“How we can let people come in and ride this stuff because if they’re in wheel chairs. We have adaptations where it’s more palpable for the elderly. It’s nice just to be able to see all these people do things we are able to,” Hutson noted.

There is an age restriction of 5-years-old. Suire says the restriction is due to the size of the head sets. “I tell people the age is from 5 to 99. I tell people I had an 80 year old grandmother here last week and she had a blast,” Suire added.

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