Five new police vehicles were just added to the Ville Platte Police Department.

“This is a win-win situation not only for our police department but also for our good citizens of Ville Platte,” says mayor Jennifer Vidrine.

Vidrine says the five new patrol vehicles add more police access for residents.

“These vehicles will be more visible in the neighborhoods so if they need an officer at a stop or if they are having problems, these officers are going to be riding around daily on all the shifts,” she explains.

Police Chief Neal Lartigue says spending on the new cars actually helps the budget in the long term.

“The amount of money we are spending with the other vehicles that we’re breaking down and their cost to the budget…getting new vehicles will help to save money on the repairs,” he says.

The five patrol vehicles came after the department added five police chargers in 2014.

According to Vidrine, they are set to add 17 more bright red vehicles in the coming future. it is part of their effort to fuel the department and put them in the best position to succeed.”

“This is in conjunction with the body cameras that we have already purchased and also the surveillance cameras that we have so we’re trying to make sure that our citizens are well protected and safe,” she says.

The mayor says there is one simple return they ask of the department.

“All we are asking them to do is do their job because we’re trying to help them to do it better and safer and in a more cost-efficient way,” she says.

Lartigue adds: “All the departments in the city have to work together to push our city forward and to be able to grow and provide protection to our citizens of Ville Platte.”