City leaders in Maurice are meeting tonight to consider a false fire alarm ordinance.  

This false fire alarm ordinance is meant to reduce fire alarm dispatching.  

Maurice Fire Chief Matthew Trahan says, “If I’m not mistaken in the year of 2017, there were close to 600 false alarms. This is a very high cost to operations as well as getting people off of work especially since the departments are volunteer… getting them off of work to go to calls that are really not necessary.” 

A Maurice business owner and former firefighter understands this ordinance and says if used fairly, it shouldn’t be a problem.  

Lee “Woody” Wood, Owner/Manager of Safe and Sound Storage in Maurice, says, “I think it depends on the way it’s implemented. I was in the fire department here for 12-14 years as an active firefighter and president for a couple years and as a business owner, so I understand both sides of it. I think as long as it’s implemented fairly or reasonably, it’s not a problem.” 

A commercial fire supervisor with Acadiana Security Plus says education is importance in preventing false fire alarms.  

David Allen says, “More effort needs to be put into education as far as even businesses and residences for educating them. For maintenance, for testing, inspection… (it’s) your obligation that you have to make sure that these things are properly working.” 

Chief Trahan wants to make sure residents know the fire department is not just trying to make money off of this ordinance.  

“The city as well as the parish is not trying to make money, we’re hoping to just try to solve the false alarm issues and not have near as many… with a fine being posted after you get three free per year,” Chief Trahan explains. 

KLFY News will have an update as to whether this ordinance officially passes tonight.