(KLFY)- Family and friends of Tre’jon Norman are remembering him as a good son and kind person.

Milton Moses, Tre’jon’s stepfather, “He was a father. He was a good kid. He never meant any trouble. This is such a big surprise.”

Tre’jon passed away one week after being shot in a drive by shooting in New Iberia.

His younger brother, Demarcus Brown, was also shot and killed.

Tre’jon’s father and stepmother say, they are finding comfort in knowing that their sons will always be together.

Tre’jon’s stepmother, Shaquita Clark, says, “That’s the biggest comfort. They were always together. I know he is watching over his brother.”

They say the violence needs to stop and people need to be held accountable for their actions.

“Time for the senseless killings to stop in New Iberia.”
“For the rest of our lives we have to deal with this. No one can take our pain from us.”