ABBEVILLE, La. (KLFY) – Family members are calling for justice after a weekend fight sent one Abbeville teenager to the hospital.

The young woman says things got out of hand and before she knew it, she was defending herself.

A Snapchat video surfaced online of what appeared to be a birthday party— but ended with an Abbeville teenager being jumped by at least three other women.

In the video you see the victim and one other woman exchange blows and it appears the fight is over, but for at least the next five minutes, the mother says her daughter would have to fight for her life.

“Somebody from behind flipping her, I don’t understand that. Dragging her by the head, pulling all her hair out. That is crucial. That is worse than a dog!”

Loyce Morris is the mother of Shamiracle Morris, the young woman seen fighting multiple women at once in this Snapchat video.

“And when I saw her I didn’t know who she was. Is this my daughter?”

Two black eyes, plus medical records show a fractured nose and concussion among other injuries.

Even after being dragged through the mud and stepped on, Shamiracle couldn’t even get a ride to the hospital.

Shamaricle said, “when everything was over with they were like get in the car. Then they were like, I don’t want you to get in my car because you’re all muddy. So I said I can walk. I want to go to the emergency room and they said no because they’re going to be asking you who house you were to.”

She’s now back at home but still in pain. Her family says the people responsible including the those watching and recoding must be held accountable.

Ada Simon, Shamiracle’s aunt said, “My niece could have been killed. We could have been planning a funeral this weekend.”

We reached out the Abbeville Police Department, we’re told detectives have obtained a copy of the video, they have identified one person of interest and an investigation is underway.