LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) The local chapter of the National Organization of Black Law Enforcement (NOBLE) is bringing awareness and highlighting a veteran Lafayette Police Officer of 27 years, Lieutenant Thaddeus Sices. 

“We’re trying to help his wife and family. We’re trying to support them. There’s some medical doctors he needs to see so we are trying to help them to offset those costs to help our officer come back to work,” Michael Brown, the President of the organization said.

Don Thibeaux, a member of NOBLE said Lt. Sices suffers from portal vein thrombosis which is the narrowing or blockage of the portal vein by a blood clot.

Thrombosis can develop in the main body of the portal vein or its intrahepatic branches and may even extend to the splenic or superior mesenteric veins. In which he needs to travel to Cleveland Ohio to get treatment. 

He adds Lt. Sices is well known in the community and right now they hope the community can help him get the medical attention he needs.  

“This guy puts God first, family, then his job and he loves his job. He loves his career,” Thibeaux said. 

“Officer Sices is that person that will go to your home, sit down with you and drink coffee. He’ll sit down with you and they’ll read a newspaper or he’ll just sit down with you and talk to you to make sure that your needs are met throughout the community and through the Lafayette police department,” Brown said. 

He said Sices is someone you would never forget and recalls a time there was an event for Halloween and Officer Sices dressed up as Mike Tyson. 

“He’s an officer, but he’s that officer that everybody knows that everybody is going to remember. He’s going to make you realize, hey, I’m here,” said Brown. “He’s giving so much to this community, so as a friend and as a fellow officer, we want to give him the support that he’s given the community.”

You can support Lt. Sices by donating here