Simply put, it won’t feel much like late October through the next several days. We saw a weak front come through yesterday, but winds will quickly reverse back to a southerly component today. This will lead to a quick warming trend and moisture increase. In fact, after starting in the upper 50s this morning, we’ll end up in the upper 80s later this afternoon. Mostly sunny skies are expected today, but clouds will be increasing for tomorrow as our upper-level flow turns southwesterly.

This energetic southwesterly flow will bring an upper-level disturbance near the area by the early parts of next week. This could spark rain chances across eastern Texas, where a weak front will stall out. Rain chances look low across Acadiana, in the 10-20% range Monday through Tuesday. Warm temperatures will continue, however, with highs in the mid-upper 80s each day under partly sunny skies.

The front will make its closest approach on Thursday, which could increase rain chances into the 20% range. No major fronts are being shown through the next seven days across Acadiana, so get used to the warmer weather.