Vermilionville offers sensory friendly visits for those with sensory processing differences


Melanie Harrinton with Vermilionville explains the holiday season should be spent with the whole family.

Harrington says, “We want families to feel very supported and want them to know that their families are welcomed. We understand and accept everyone here and we’re equipped to respond to whatever behavior may arise throughout the day.”

It’s Christmas time in Acadiana.

Vermilionville wants everyone to come out and enjoy this holiday season with the whole family.

Every year, Vermilionville opens early to families with children that have disabilities so they can enjoy their time one on one and stress free.

The staff wants everyone to feel welcome and have fun together.

“As much as the kids can handle. Some kids may experience sensory overload so on sight we have a couple of quiet rooms where they come and unplug and it would only require one family member to be with them so the rest of the family can enjoy the visit,” Harrington adds.

Harrington explains Vermilionville is open to everyone and hopes that families will come out to enjoy the spirit of the holiday season.

“Later in the day there is going to be cookie and pretzel decorating. We will have our Cajun music jam later, but all these follow the sensory visit. So if the family had a good experience and wants to stay longer, we welcome that,” Harrington explains.

For more information about Vermilionville and sensory visits, click here.

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