DELCAMBRE, La. (KLFY) — A Delcambre woman is stuck in Colorado with heart failure and says she is trying to get home to get the help she needs.

Raven Hunter, a native of Delcambre, has been living in Colorado since 2021. Since living there, she has gotten very sick. Among having heart failure, she also has other illnesses such as pancreatic efficiency disorder, psoriasis and malformation.

Hunter says the whole process has been very emotional for her.

“I been crying, I been begging people to help me, but then I realized how much god has done for me. In the hospital, twice I was bleeding out internally and they still can’t tell me why,” said Hunter.

Raven Hunter says having a relationship with God is the only thing that is keeping her head up throughout this process. She says she is trying to get back Louisiana because she doesn’t believe she’s getting the help she needs.

“I pray to God all the time and my spiritual, mindset is what’s holding me together and keeping me strong because I know God got me. I’m just trying to get help to get home because nobody here wants to help me,” said Hunter.

Hunter’s sister, Lacey Champagne, who lives in New Iberia, says her family has tried to get Raven home, but they do not have enough money to bring her back to Louisiana. Champagne says that while times are hard, she has faith that her sister will make it home and could hopefully be cured.

“We don’t have the money to go get her and I know if something happens up there, how are we gonna get her down here and get her buried. I know that’s behind my sister’s mind too, but hopefully to God we can get her home, get her some place good to stay and we can try to get her cured or whatever. Just home,” said Champagne.

Hunter is asking for help to get her home as soon as possible.

“Even if get home today or tomorrow please help me, I only have a week and that was two days ago. I’m so sorry and I’m smothering right now, I can barely breathe, I can barely hold down two toasts and half a bottle of water living here. It’s like no matter where I turn, I’m just miserable, I’m not even comfortable here,” said Hunter.

Raven’s family has set up a GoFundMe to raise money to get her home and pay for her medical needs.