VERMILLION PARISH, La. (KLFY) Maurice’s population growth calls for an upgrade.

As News 10’s Rodricka Taylor reports, the Village of Maurice is becoming the Town of Maurice.

The village of Maurice is looking at growing in more ways than one.

After a delay in the U.S. Census, the mayor anticipates the village will become a town.

“It’s exciting. In the state of Louisiana, if you have a thousand or under, you classify as a village. One to 5000 and you classify as a town, 5,000 or above you classify as a city,” Mayor Wayne Theriot said.

He says that in 2010, Maurice’s population was 964 persons, just 36 short of being a town.

Since that time, Theriot says, the area has experienced phenomenal growth.

“We’re one of the fastest-growing municipalities in all of this state,” he said.

“We are at 2,118 people, so we exceeded the threshold to be a town.”

Even as the village saw growth, Theriot said the Covid-19 pandemic affected the results of the U.S. Census.

“Due to the pandemic, a lot of people didn’t respond to the Census, and we had people who had moved into the area and we anticipate that in today’s accurate count, you’ll probably be close to 22 or 2300.”

With the village turning into a town, the Mayor says residents can qualify for more federal and state grants to assist in specific needs. Also, the area will have more government representation.

“Because of our compact size, we will appoint the aldermen, and they will serve at large as opposed to districts.”

Although the village is turning into a town, he still wants the community to keep the village’s identity.

“A village means a certain thing, a small and close-knit family-oriented community and we want to make sure we keep it that way,” Theriot said.

There will be a meeting on April 13 for the board to introduce an ordinance to classify Maurice as a town.