VERMILION PARISH (KLFY) – Books deemed sexually explicit are now restricted from the youth in Acadiana libraries due to the passing of a new state law.

Director of the Vermilion Parish Library, Charlotte Bourg, spoke about what is being done in these libraries. “Right now we are working with the state library and just looking at what some other libraries are doing as well to make sure that our policies are solid, so we can protect our patrons.”

Bourg says their policies on library cards have been updated so children will have a limit on which books they can checkout. “We recently redid our circulation policy into four different card categories so we have children’s cards, tween cards, teen, and then adult. There are checkout restrictions on each one of those cards.”

Despite the new law, the Vermilion Parish Library will continue to be a place for children to have access to these books. “The library isn’t just about books it’s about access to information. We’re gonna continue to offer excellent service and materials.”

Under this law, libraries that fail to implement the new policy will be at risk of financial penalties.