GUEYDAN, La, (KLFY) – The Gueydan Chief of Police, Shawn Theriot, is now under investigation following an argument at a local tire shop in town.

However, the tire shop owner, Ashlyn Murphy, says it’s all a misunderstanding and that Theriot was not the instigator. She claims Theriot was defending himself after a customer got upset over two balding tires.

Murphy said the shop wouldn’t put the two tires back on the car because it would be both a safety and liability issue as they were close to blowing out. “It was out of safety reasons that he did not get done what he wanted,” she said.

She claims the customer got angry and accused the shop of scamming him. “He was upset with the service he got here and he initially got physical, he did not care who Shawn was or that he was a police officer and he kept attacking him. So he [Theriot] defended himself,” Murphy said.

Murphy said the deputies were called and arrived after the incident occurred.

She says the customer was pushing Theriot in the parking lot and Theriot defended himself. “When someone is attacking you, you have to defend yourself, and that’s what he did,” Murphy said.

We did reach out to the Vermilion Parish Sheriff’s Office for the original complaint filed and was told this matter is under investigation. The department officials said when the investigation is completed, the report will be sent to the District Attorney’s office for a review of criminal charges.