ABBEVILLE, La. (KLFY) — A shooting after the Abbeville High School homecoming football game has led to a ban on tailgating on city property near Wildcat Stadium.

This has left many Abbeville residents who have tailgated for every Wildcats home game upset. One resident and Abbeville High alumnus, Rodney Dozier, spoke to News 10 about how he feels this ruling is unfair.

“I mean right now this would be packed with people. It don’t make sense,” Dozier said. “Stop taking the older people and making them suffer for what is going on with the youngsters.”

Dozier also told News 10 that there is a better solution instead of canceling a tradition many residents have done for years.

“I think they should have more police patrolling.”

News 10 spoke with Abbeville Police Chief Mike Hardy who explained the new protocols for Abbeville High home games moving forward.

“We are not allowing anyone to park along the outskirts of the field. We want them to watch the game from inside the football field. We are going to patrol and enforce no parking on city property to watch the game. If you leave the stadium you can’t re-enter the stadium,” Chief Hardy said.

For those upset about the new ruling, Chief Hardy said that he understands it is an inconvenience.

“Maybe you just feel more relaxed out there but right now we are just doing this for the kids.”

Chief Hardy wants all citizens of Abbeville to have fun and remain safe during football games and with this ruling, he believes safety can be ensured.