KAPLAN, La. (KLFY)– Aug. 10 was the first day for many students but Narcissa Randolph, a mother of a 10th grader at Kaplan High School said she did not know it would be the first time her 15-year-old daughter would have experienced racist behavior in class.

Randolph said her daughter’s teacher sang a song mocking slavery from the adult cartoon “South Park.”

“It completely breaks my heart that my daughter has been traumatized with such ignorance in 2023,” Randolph said. “It’s no way in the world that we should be dealing with this type of ignorance from a teacher—an educator, someone that is supposed to protect their students. Not send them home emotionally broken.”

Randolph told News 10 her daughter called her from school and told her what happened in her class.

“My daughter didn’t really have to say how she was feeling,” Randolph said. “I have seen it on her face. I hear it in her voice. When she came home to me and her dad, she sobbed literally sobbed all night long. She is completely destroyed and humiliated by this teacher,” she said. “A teacher who’s supposed to be there to protect her in the classroom. To help her grow emotionally in the class. As well as providing an education in the classroom, and he failed to do that with my daughter.”

A statement from Vermilion Parish Superintendent states:

“Recently, Kaplan High School administrators reported to central office staff that a student reported that a teacher had conducted himself in a racially insensitive manner. Upon investigation by the school administration, it was determined that the teacher used a song that referenced slavery while teaching classroom expectations. The school administration documented and reported the incident to the VPSS Personnel Department.

A conference was held between district authorities and the student’s parents, in which the parents requested a comprehensive investigation. Following that conference, district staff conducted a thorough investigation of the incident. Upon conclusion of this investigation, district authorities followed VPSS policy in response to the complaint. As this is a personnel issue, any disciplinary action or remediation is not for public comment.”

Randolph said her daughter has been “putting on a brave face” to school but fears that the rest of the school year will be emotionally challenging.

“I’m kind of coaching her through the whole incident that has happened,” Randolph said. “All while dealing with my own emotions. Trying to keep my own self grounded to be able to make the right decisions for her.”

While the mother said she is advocating for her child, it is also for every Black student that goes through a similar situation.

“Making a mockery of slavery, if that alone isn’t detrimental enough to be a big deal in 2023, then something is definitely wrong with the way people think. Not cool at all,” Randolph said.

Although the school administrators can not disclose the disciplinary action taken, Randolph said there’s “no policy in place at all to protect our students in the classroom, especially not our students of color.”

“These teachers need culture-sensitive training,” Randolph adds. “They have to have some kind of policy in place for our students to go to school and be able to feel comfortable and I really don’t think that Vermilion Parish can do it on their own. To me, they’ll have to call in some state agencies to be able to help them, assist them in writing these policies to protect our children.”

Randolph said her daughter’s class with the teacher switched, and she is looking to get her daughter counseling and therapy.