ABBEVILLE, La. (KLFY) — An Abbeville mother was jumped after a group of people accused her of speaking with police about a September shooting.

Alexis Bryan and her mother, Maxine Bryan, spoke with News 10 to bring awareness about why residents fear speaking out about crime in the city. On Sept. 30, Alexis said she was jumped by two women after a shooting near the Live Oak Manor Apartments. 

Alexis explained how on that day, her 9-year-old son was playing across the street from the apartments, and she was looking for him because a neighbor said to stay inside because something bad was going to happen. Alexis said she was worried for her son. 

“He was coming from the park where they were shooting at. If it had been a minute earlier, he and their child would have been shot,” Alexis said. 

She was heading back to her place after getting her son and was informed by some children two women wanted to fight with her. 

“I was confused as to why,” she explained. “When I got back, I saw the girl [Jasmine Johnson] approaching me, and then when she approached, she started saying that I wrote a statement and pressed charges on her boyfriend [Chavez Waters], and I was telling her that I didn’t do that.” 

Alexis said Johnson was blocking her door, preventing her from going inside the house. Then, shortly afterward, another woman walked up [Ja’Shiya Stagg, cousin of Waters]

“She walked up, and she just hit me, and they started attacking me with my son in my hand,” said Alexis. 

“They thought Alexis had told who was doing the shooting, which she didn’t tell. They got the camera from the projects, and that’s how they knew who was shooting,” said Maxine Bryan, the mother of Alexis. “They jumped on my daughter, thinking that she told, and that’s why people don’t talk because of things like this.” 

Maxine said she was upset the two women fought with her daughter, especially with her grandson in her arms. 

“My grandson really could have gotten hurt really bad,” Maxine said. 

Maxine said her daughter had gone to the hospital that night. She had swelling in her brain and a black eye. 

“They are shooting, and they don’t care who is around; don’t care. A bullet doesn’t have a name,” she said. “When someone tries to say what happened [to] they own family member, they want to give them right for everything they do when they know they are wrong. Quit taking up for your children when you’re wrong; you’re wrong. When you’re right, you’re right,” she concluded. 

“I didn’t call the police, and I don’t get involved with stuff like that because this is what happens to people for no reason. So, I don’t really get involved with it. I would just like to get justice for my situation. But people should speak up and, you know, say what’s going on and something if somebody hurts or anything,” said Alexis. 

Trena Touchet, the city clerk, confirmed with News 10 Jasmine Johnson and Ja’Shiya Stagg are charged with simple battery and have a court date set for November 29th.

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