ABBEVILLE, La. (KLFY) The Abbeville city council has voted to lift the food truck moratorium, which means more food trucks could soon be making their way to the city.

News 10 spoke with the Abbeville Mayor and food truck owners about the benefit this change could bring to the community. 

Mayor Roslyn White said, “Now things are getting more relaxed and our restaurants are getting more business and we feel like they had an opportunity to recover. We thought it was important to allow new opportunities in Abbeville and kind of share the wealth.” 

Mayor White added, “we just lifted our moratorium so our existing ordinance is now in place which allows up to five food trucks in Abbeville. They have to be permitted through our office. They can’t operate within a certain distance of an existing restaurant.” 

With this change she said she hopes it will generate new food concepts that would eventually grow into brick-and-mortar restaurants in the community. 

Brooke Trahan, the Owner of Catalon Legacy Food Truck Park in Maurice, said the expansion of food trucks in Abbeville is great for Vermilion parish and food truck drivers.

“It’s going to allow for more growth, more money and more food options for the people that live in the area,” she said. 

Trahan said food trucks give customers places for their kids to roam around. She added that during Covid when restaurants were closed, it provided a way for people to still get out and get food from different restaurants. Moreover, the small business owners thrive off the support of the community and people coming out to buy food items from their trucks. 

Dustin Picard, owner of Acadiana Bar & Grill on Wheels, who has been a part of the food truck lot for five month in Maurice, said he loves the flexibility food trucks give him. 

“You could move it, you definitely don’t have to stay where you’re at if you’re not doing any business where you’re at. You could hitch it up to your truck and go. That’s a great thing to do; to where you’re not stuck in one spot, not making any money or having fun.” he said. 

Ruben Hernandez, an employee of Taqueria El Mexicano said, “Part of this work is that everyday we get to know different people. Different accents. Different dishes and always we’re learning about the people and our service.” 

Mayor White said go to their website to see all information about the city ordinance. People can also go to city hall which is 101 North State Street and talk to tax and permit. Fill out those applications there.