KAPLAN, La. (KLFY) Kaplan Fire Department is helping the community by creating reflective signs for homes needing address markers.

“In emergency situations, whether it be fire, medical, or the need for a police response, time is crucial and even with the technology that we have and Google Maps,” Jacob Faulk, the fire chief said.

“Google Maps might not put you in an exact location, so the address markers are a pivotal point to have a better response on and better locate the address that we need to respond to.” 

He explained that in the town there are no mailboxes on the street. 

“The mailboxes are usually attached to the house. It’s not as big of a deal in town because there’s a system with First Street, Second Street, Third Street, so that’d be the 100 blocks, the 200 blocks, the 300 blocks,” he said. 

However, when emergency services have to respond out in the country or in rural areas, he said, “signs on mailboxes sometimes fade. Quite a few of them are not marked at all, or the home will be marked with the home will be a couple of 100 yards off the road. So having an address marker on that mailbox makes a significant difference in our response time.” 

The department made the signs by ordering a starter kit, a package of signs that come unnumbered, and as people call in or stop by the station to request one, Faulk said they make the sign with the reflective stickers. 

“If we run out, we’ll order more. Hopefully, it’s something that folks are interested in, and they realize there’s a greater need for it. As long as we have them, we will continue to sell them as long as they are available for us to buy. We’ll continue to sell them.” 

In closing, “we prefer folks to get them now and then later,” said the fire chief. 

If your home needs better labeling and identification, you can purchase a sign for $20. 

501 N. Cushing Avenue, Kaplan, LA 70548 (337) 643-8603