ERATH, La. (KLFY) – Erath is the place for the Water Wars Competition between fire departments from all over the area. 

This year’s competition consisted of multiple teams including last year’s winner the Erath Fire Department, the Leblanc Fire Department, the Delcambre Fire Department, the Henry Fire Department, the Church Point Fire Department and the Meaux Nunez Fire Department. Each team competed in front of four judges to determine the winner of this year’s Water Wars. 

“We want to see the teams line up. When they start off, their streams have to be in the center of the road. When they blow the air horn, they bring them up to each other. We are looking at headshots, body shots, and who can hold the stream on the opposing team the longest. Whoever does that will obviously win,” says Sonny Coffey. 

As the competition began each team believed they had the winning squad, but they knew the competition would be tough. “I mean we plan on winning, but it is our first year so we want to at least put our name out there,” says Kaynon Bellard.

“This year you know it is really a challenge, especially with Leblanc, Erath and Meaux Nunez. We all have an equal chance of winning this but we are just going to have to see how it goes,” says Carson Romero. “The competition came down to the two rivals. Last year’s winner, Erath and Leblanc. The battle was tough as Erath was on a roll but Leblanc came into the finals undefeated. It was ultimately team Leblanc who won and are once again able to call themselves champions.”

“It was very competitive and we had a good time. The competitiveness gets better and better every year.” says Ronald Broussard.