KAPLAN, La. (KLFY)– A father’s worst nightmare becomes a reality after his son, police identified as 32-year-old Christopher Vidalier, was shot and killed Monday afternoon on East Sammy Kershaw Avenue in Kaplan

“I was in my bedroom, me and fiancé right by the window standing up,” John Vidalier Sr., Christopher Vidalier’s father, said. “I didn’t even know my son had driven up from work yet, but all of a sudden, I heard a gun right by my window. I took off, and I came running out my door. My son came cutting the house off the corner right there.” 

He explained his son fell over half on the steps and half on the porch and died right in front of him.

“His final words to me were, ‘Daddy, she shot me and called the ambulance.’” John Vidalier Sr. said.

“He drove into the yard from work,” he added. “That’s how you never know when you’re going to die because he had to go back to work, and he never made it.”

Kaplan police said Christopher Vidalier was taken to a hospital and later died. Police arrested LaQuiondra St. Julien, 23, and was transported to the Vermilion Parish Jail. She is charged with second-degree murder with a bond of $100,0000—also obstruction of justice with a bond of $40,000. 

The family said Christopher Vidalier had no relationship with St. Julien. The two were arguing, but there is no clear reason to their knowledge why he was shot. 

“A piece of me is gone,” Or’Mini Caldwell, Christopher Vidaler’s fiancé, said. “I feel like a piece of my heart is gone. I feel like my kid is not going to have a dad. I feel like I have to do it all myself.”

“I just feel really empty,” Caldwell, who has a 9-month-old daughter with Christopher Vidaler, said in tears. “I keep looking at his car right here. I’m just thinking he’s going to walk out the door. I keep calling his phone. I still keep calling his phone for him to answer the phone he’s not picking up the phone.”

“It’s no way he should have never died,” she added. “He’s supposed to be right here. I’m not supposed to be sitting on the news talking about him. I’m not supposed to be holding our kid. I’m not supposed to be doing any of that. It was so much stuff that we were supposed to do together. We were supposed to make it in life, and they took him. Now I can’t make it anywhere because he’s not here.”

Caldwell said losing her fiancé is hard for her, and she also worries about his two sons, who are 3 and 2 years old. 

“Chris was their backbone,” Caldwell said. “Chris was their rock. My baby, she had me. She has a strong somebody. They don’t have anyone, no more strong nobody. Nobody talks about that. Nobody thought about his kids. Nobody thought about anything. How could you do that? How could you take somebodies like that and then in broad daylight?”

John Vidalier Sr. said his son was a helpful person.

“If he had seen you on the side of the road and you needed a shirt on your back because you were burning, he would have taken his shirt off and given it to you,” John Vidalier Sr. said. “Ain’t nothing in this world that I ever asked that man to do for me that he told me no.” 

“I wish everybody the best,” he added. “I hope yall never have to go through what I’m going through. I hear gunshots all night long by my window. Y’all don’t want to hear; y’all don’t want to go through what I’m going through.”

A GoFundMe page was set up to help the family and with funeral arrangements.