ABBEVILLE, La. (KLFY) – Excelsior College Preparatory Academy, formerly known as Williams Scholar Academy, has announced their closure due to financial and academic concerns from the State Board of Education. 

The charter was put in place to help educate children in Vermilion Parish and surrounding areas, teaching around 75 students ranging from grades 6 to 12.

“It was bitter for all, but at the same time, Excelsior College Preparatory Academy prepared those children for life and for what was to come,” said Excelsior College Preparatory Academy Board President, Allen Randle. “It was four days given to us to prepare for this by the state, and so there was no time to do anything in planning to rectify the problem.” 

The statement from the Louisiana Department of Education states, “Our oversight process worked to detect financial and academic concerns. Their board has made the right decision to relinquish its charter in advance of our recommendation for revocation.”

“We would have continued onward, but the state thought it best that we go no further,” says Randle. He goes on to say that the school had financial issues before he became board president in march last year. “The school, when it first opened, had issues related to finances in the first half of the school year, and since then, the school has been on the defense, so it’s hard to engage parents to help in that matter.” 

Randle says he had spoken with the Vermilion Parish and the New Iberia Parish superintendent to help students transfer to other schools. 

“Adversity makes us stronger, and I believe because our children were able to weather some of the adverse conditions of life and these tinder rations of sixth grade to 12 grade, they’ll be better equipped and prepared to face whatever comes their way,” says Randle.