EUNICE, La. (KLFY) –A Eunice family continues to fight for justice after Donavon Reed, 32 of Eunice was shot and killed last year.   

Donavon’s mother, Veronica Malveaux Reed says the 14-year-old charged with shooting Donovan will be tried as a juvenile and she’s not happy about that.

“He shot my son five times, for no reason. He admitted to shooting my son,” Reed stated.

The teen, she says, is currently out on bail on second degree murder and attempted murder charges.  

According to authorities another man was shot but he survived.

“Just a 15K bond? That’s a slap in all our faces. It was a domino effect.  $15K, that’s a total disrespect,” Reed said.

She is aware of other cities trying juveniles as adults and wants to know why St. Landry Parish law enforcement authorities are trying her son’s accused killer as a juvenile.

“He will have a trial, but he will be tried as a juvenile.  Right now, they are slapping juveniles on the wrist and letting them get away with all these crimes.  There’s no facility to keep them and they give these ridiculous low bonds.”

As a juvenile he faces the chance to serve time until he’s 21 and  Reed says that’s seven years since for taking her son’s life and says it could be less time if he’s given credit for time served.

“We deserve those answers.  The most he can get is ‘juvenile life’ and records sealed.  My son is gone, and he left six children,” Reed added.

“I didn’t want to celebrate Mother’s Day,” Dionca White of Eunice explained.

Dionca lost her son on January 7, 2022.   White says her son too was also a father, but he was her only child.  

“Guns don’t solve problems they create problems and the problems they create can never be solved,” White added.

The Reed family will host a Celebration of Donovan’s Life on June 5. 

The celebration will be held at the Reed Family Event Hall on East Maple Street at 2pm