ABBEVILLE, La. (KLFY) — A 73-year-old woman is facing eviction from her apartment home in Abbeville.

Beatrice Demouchet of Abbeville has lived at the Live Oak Manor apartments for 18 years.

She has until Wednesday (06/08) to renew her new lease or get out.

Demouchet says she is refusing to sign because signing would mean agreeing to a monthly rental increase.

She is now asking for answers as to why her rent has continued to increase over the years when her only source of income, a monthly disability check, is under $600.

“I pay one thing, and then when I go in another month, they charging me for something else. Y’all keep charging me different amounts of money on my rent, and it’s been going on since 2013.”

Demouhcet said she has reached out to the building manager, but so far, no one has given her any answers.

“This year is my first year getting a bump in my disability pay and now they (the apt. complex staff) want to charge me $200 a month, yet I’m still in the low income bracket. My income for the year adds up to about $6K close to $7K and that means I’m still in the low bracket, but they are trying to charge me in the high bracket.”

News Ten reached out to Anthony Krone, the Director of Risk Services for Envolve Communities.

Krone said the company treasures its long-term residents and do not wish to evict Demouchet but they must follow HUD ( Housing and Urban Development) guidelines.

“None of that is subjective or a decision on our part. We’re not making the decision here on what she has to pay,” Krone said.

“I feel like we’re in a bind because we’re only abiding by what HUD is telling us.”

Abbeville City Councilwoman Terry Broussard says the office management and staff should have handled things differently.

“When we talk about even entertaining the thought of evicting a senior citizen, what does that say about us?” I think that when senior citizens approach us, whether it be with questions or concerns, we need to make ourselves available to be clear with them.”

Broussard said she applauds Demouchet for bringing light to her situation.

“Can you imagine how many senior citizens we have who may have these types of situations and are afraid to speak out?” I hope that she is victorious. I hope and pray that she’s not another person in my city looking for a place to stay.”

Demouchet will be going to court Wednesday about her case where a judge will decide her next move.

Councilwoman Broussad said she would be standing and supporting Demouchet during the court proceedings.