MAURICE, La. (KLFY) – A non-profit organization called the North Vermilion Youth Athletic Association took to social media to post photos of vandalism done to a soccer field near the North Vermilion High School.

Chris Guidry, the Assistant Soccer Director of the organization, said they are not sure what exact date the incident happened, but it was last week. 

“We do have an upcoming soccer session about to start, and when we came out to set up the fields with the painting, we did notice the vandalism was a little worse than we anticipated,” he said. “We acquired over 200 kids for this session, and it’s putting a damper on the start of the season.” 

“This is one of our biggest sessions to date, and it’s not only affecting the kids in this area but the surrounding areas as well. We pride ourselves on being a nonprofit organization and being able to help kids of any age group,” he told News 10. 

Guidry said the children have not seen the vandalism yet.

“We do have additional acres where we can put the fields but the areas where we will be putting the fields; it does hold quite a bit of water,” he said. “As we all know, this time of year brings a lot of rain, so hopefully, it doesn’t delay our season any more than what it can potentially be delayed as of already.” 

Guidry thanked the huge outreach on social media and said he appreciated everything. He encourages anybody that heard or saw anything to talk to someone, and they can lead authorities to the person that did the vandalism speak up. 

“I’m not sure what portrayed this act of vandalism, but just think about the kids that it’s affecting, and just if you’re hearing this, maybe turn yourself in,” he said. 

If you want to help, please contact the North Vermilion Youth Athletic Association.