ABBEVILLE, La. (KLFY) – Danielle Davidson shares her testimony with News 10 after being one of the four victims sent to the hospital with gunshot wounds in an Abbeville shooting on Feb. 23. 

“I could be dead right now, and it wasn’t a place that I go to,” cried Davidson. “I’m not even supposed to be talking. I’m not even supposed to be living. Do you know what I’m saying? God really performed a miracle.”

Davidson said she is not a ‘club person.’ She was sitting in her truck, looking down at her phone while she waited for her daughter at ZaZa’s Hookah Lounge.

“I heard the shot, and I was about to take off then a second shot hit me in the face, and when it hit me in the face. I was kind of shocked. I thought my whole face was off, and I just immediately started praying,” said Davidson. 

Someone from the community took her to the hospital. 

“I remember I had my hands in the air just thanking God; I never lost consciousness, just the whole time I was just praying to God,” she said. 

She said that the bullet fractured and broke her cheekbone. She also had fragments behind her eyeballs. She said there are some days she thinks she is losing her memory and doctors said she is lucky to have her sight and still be alive. However, Davidson received unfortunate news. 

“The bullet has to stay in for the rest of my life. I can’t have surgery because it’s too dangerous. So I have to live with it,” she said. “You know the shooting and all of that; I’m not even worried about that. I’m just blessed that I’m alive, and God saved me and left me here to give a testimony about the goodness of God.” 

Furthermore, Davidson is still grieving the loss of her fiance, who died seven months ago. 

“Despite it all, I’m just still going to praise God,” she said. 

It is her faith that holds her up daily as each day fades away. 

“God is my provider. My healer, my waymaker, and no matter what is looking like, I know God is going to be by my side,” she concluded. 

Sunday, Davidson will be turning 47 years old. She said to celebrate another year of life; she would head to church. 

Davidson has a GoFundMe to help with medical care and expenses as she can not work or eat solid foods, in addition to having several doctor appointments. 

No arrest has been made yet, but in a Vermilion Parish Crime Stoppers segment, police need help to identify potential suspects. If you know anything, call the Abbeville Police Department or Crime Stoppers at 337-740-TIPS.