MAURICE, La. (KLFY) — An Abbeville man was killed in a motorcycle crash in Maurice on Tuesday, authorities said.

Maurice Police said Isaac Luquette of Abbeville died after he was struck on his motorcycle by an SUV at the intersection of Maurice Avenue and Etienne Street Tuesday evening.

Authorities said a 2004 Nissan SUV driven by a North Vermilion High School student headed westbound on East Etienne failed to yield to the northbound traffic on Maurice Avenue causing the crash. Luquette was taken to a local hospital, where he later died.

The driver of the SUV was cited for failure to yield, police said.

Luquette worked for Mendoza Ford for a little over a year and came in as a maintenance specialist. He was training mechanic for the company before he passed away.

Hunter Devillier, the general manager at Mendoza Ford said Luquette’s death changed the atmosphere of the workplace, and he will miss his humor and the snacks he brought to work once a week.

“Because of my position here, I get to interact with everyone in every department in many ways; that’s a big blessing, especially when it comes to Isaac, because Isaac was unique in just about every cent of the word,” Devillier said. “Most of all, he had a unique way of finding humor in every situation. He’s one of the only people that I’ve ever known that can take a job completely seriously and be joking at the same time.”

“Isaac was just a light for our shop. He was somebody that was always excited to show up to work, and everybody was excited when he did. I’m very blessed to have known him,” he added. “Isaac was funny even when he wasn’t trying to be, and he just had the best sense of humor—an incredible work ethic. Isaac could do something completely wrong on up to it and then make you laugh the next second because he was going to fix it.”

Luquette’s family said the viewing and service will be at Vincent’s funeral home.