ABBEVILLE, La (KLFY)– It’s been three months since JaZalyon Levy, 18 was shot and killed in Abbeville and his family is still processing the pain and learning how to live in a world without him.

Pastor Lawrence Levy, a well-known youth minister and relative of the victim, says everyone in the family is still processing the beloved teen’s death.

“Gun violence and our kids being murder affects me regardless of if it’s my family or not.”

A minister on a mission, Levy says his focus now more than ever is to get to the root of the problem.

“My ministry and my intent is to raise the awareness about the gun violence, but also what triggers it all. What’s the trigger behind it, the trauma, the patterns, the learned behaviors. All of these things stem from a place.”

Abbeville Police are saying they believe a shooting near J. H. Williams Middle School on Friday is in retaliation for JaZalyon.

“With my family, it’s just a process. Processing not having JaZaylon there. I see periodically my cousin have his pictures and videos she displays on her social media page, so I know it’s hard.”

Levy says he believes offering youth a place to open up will allow them an opportunity to heal from trauma and pain which is causing them to resort to gun violence.