ABBEVILLE, La. (KLFY) – As the Cattle Festival kicked off today, News 10 spoke with the festival president about the festival’s return and its economic impact.

Cattle Festival president Francis Plaisance told News 10, “the great thing about it is that we’re back from Covid, and it’s been two years, and it’s been a long time waiting, but we’re excited to have it back.”

Plaisance said that covid destroyed a lot of things, mainly festivals.

“We got hurt real bad and coming back from it has been a real challenge, but this year we feel like we’re going to make the first move towards the future,” he said.

With the festival, he said that he hopes it would boost the economy in the city. He said in the past the cattle festival generated a sizable amount of money.

“In the past, I can tell you that even the restaurant Burger King and all these places, the gas station have gotten additional fuel and food because of the people that come in for the cattle festival,” he said.

The festival will have many events for all ages including a hot air balloon ride, mechanical bull, food, vendors, a petting zoo, and music.

Festival goer Paul Trahan said, “I enjoy the people, and it’s a good day to make new friends and enjoy the area and enjoy the food, which is good, and a lot of things that go on at the cattle festival.”

Trahan said he has been a normal festival goer since he was ten years old and remembers riding horsebacks.

Plaisance told News 10, “the highlight for me, though, is it gets in your blood, and you enjoy seeing people enjoy themselves, and I just think it’s good for the community.”

The festival will run until Sunday at the Red Barn.