VERMILION PARISH, La. (KLFY) – 15th Judicial District Attorney Keith Stutes announced Thursday that Vermilion Parish is suing 49 oil and natural gas companies after alleged damage that was caused to the coast while drilling.

The suit claims companies violated regulations and caused marsh erosion, salt water intrusion, and radio active water release.

Stutes said the oil and gas companies didn’t fulfill their obligations.

“There were certain requirements that were placed by the issuance of permits that required operators, those operating in the oil and gas industry, to clean up the sites once the operations were completed, to clean up, to restore the sites, to replant vegetation in areas that vegetation had been compromised,” said Stutes “It’s those types of coastal claims that are the object of this lawsuit.”

President of Louisiana Oil and Gas Association, Don Briggs, said the oil companies have not done anything wrong.

“We’re following the rules, the regulations, the permits that were granted and doing what we’re suppose to be doing,” said Briggs.

Vermilion is the fourth parish to file suit against oil and gas companies over such claims.

“There are several parishes along the coast of Louisiana that have already been involved in litigation and are currently involved in these litigations,” said Stutes, “I think that the object at least of this litigation is to ensure that there is some restoration activities, some restoration done to the coast line of Vermilion Parish.”

Cameron, Jefferson, and Plaquemines parishes have previously filed similar suits.