LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) – The United States Postal Service is changing the way it does business. Customers will notice rates going up, and service slowing down.

USPS has a new 10-year plan to improve reliability and reduce costs called “Delivering for America.”

“I think it’s going to hurt them,” said Brett Kapp, of Erath. “I think they’re going to lose more business when they start doing that kind of stuff.”

“I really don’t have a big issue with it. Not really,” said John Nugent, of Lafayette.

This institution, which helps Americans send mail and packages, has been around nearly as long as the United States itself, more than 240 years. It’s been reliable, but it’s become too expensive to operate. USPS has lost $87 billion over the past 14 years.

“I think they are going to lose customers. People won’t want to ship things anymore, as much as they have been,” said Knapp.

Delivery time will be longer for some first class mail. Tack on one to two days longer for mail going out of state. The postal service is scaling back air transport, which costs more, and ramping up more ground transport. However, sending mail to a local address will take the same amount of time.

“We have a shortage of employees to begin with on a national scale,” said Jim Dore, of Lafayette. “I understand there would be some slow down. I only hope the postal service can come up and develop procedures to expedite that.”

As for holiday delivery this year, from now through Christmas, you will pay more for priority mail and first class packages. Expect to pay anywhere from 25 cents to $5 extra on each package.

“I feel they shouldn’t go up on the rates at all,” said Rowena Hebert, of Lafayette. “I feel that with the Covid that’s going on, people are struggling to pay their bills. I feel they shouldn’t.”

“I have great respect for the postal service. They work quite hard. Raising rates. We know historically the postal service has not made any money for us. I understand there would be a need for that, within reason,” said Dore.

“I think enough stuff is being raised. I don’t like it. People are struggling. We need things lowered, not raised. Thank you government,” said one woman.

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