UPDATE:  Brandon Perkins has been arrested after being questioned by the Evangeline Parish Sheriff’s Office in the shooting death of DeLanzo Veal.

Perkins has been charged with second degree murder and aggravated second degree battery and is being held at the Evangeline Parish Jail without bond, according to the sheriff’s office.  

Around 1:15 a.m. Sunday, detectives received a transfer call from 911 Dispatch regarding a shooting at 1201 Joe Fontenot Road.

An initial investigation by the Evangeline Parish Sheriff’s Office revealed that Veal had been shot in his upper body and a second victim later identified as Katrina Thomas also suffered from a gunshot wound beneath her lower lip.

Detectives say Veal was rushed to Oakdale hospital where he was later pronounced dead.

The second victim (Katrina Thomas) was also rushed to Oakdale Hospital for her wounds where she was treated and later released.

Detectives ask that anyone with any information or videos to contact the Evangeline Parish Sheriff’s Office Investigation Division at (337) 363-2161.

ORIGINAL STORY: Moments before he was shot and killed early Sunday morning, 48 year old De’Lanzo Veal had an exchange of words with the man family members say shot him.

Johnny G. Anderson, who identified himself as a family spokesperson, tells News 10 that Veal was in attendance at a birthday party in Beaver, La when the incident happened just after midnight.

He said a group of people were standing outside as the altercation was taking place between the suspect and the victim.

Anderson said at one point, the suspect walked away from the heated exchange but then returned moments later with a handgun.

A total of three shots were fired and two struck my nephew in the chest and one in the arm, according to Anderson. 

“He shot my unarmed nephew in cold blood and in the presence of other people and then fled the area like a coward.” 

KLFY reached out to the Evangeline Parish Sheriff’s Office for additional information, but our phone calls were not returned.