UPDATE: Dondra Anthony, the second suspect wanted in Thursday’s deadly shooting, has turned himself in, police said. 

Another suspect, Kervin Anthony, was arrested earlier today. Police police he was the driver involved in Thursday’s murder of 22-year old Jakil Sophus on Ann Street and 20 Arpent Road. 

 After a search of the vehicle, Agents recovered approximately onw pound of suspected marijuana, a firearm, and over $5,000 in United States currency.

ORIGINAL STORY: NEW IBERIA, La. (KLFY) – New Iberia police are investigating a murder.

As KLFY News 10 first reported on Thursday, police responded to a shooting in the area of Ann Street and Twenty Arpent Rd.

Police found the victim, 22-year old Jakil Sophus, with multiple gun shot wounds.

“That shooting they did man, that was uncalled for. If you’re going to hurt somebody, hurt him one time. You don’t have to shoot nobody multiple times like that, and in this area man, they got a bad habit,” said John Davis, the victim’s great uncle.
Davis says his family is heartbroken after they heard the news that Jakil Sophus was shot right before 6 p.m. Thursday evening near the corner store on Ann st. and Twenty Arpent Road.
“The hate they got for each other down here, the uptown and the downtown thing with that hate. They ain’t afraid of killing someone on this corner and I’ve been here all my life man,” said Davis.
“The community is just in shock, we see these young men walk the streets all the time you know, great young guy,” said Pastor Charles Banks, from Crip to Christ.
Sophas was rushed to the hospital, where he later died.
Authorities are still looking for a suspect and a motive in this case, the first homicide case being investigated since the New Iberia Police Department came back to the city at the beginning of July.
It’s the tenth homicide in the City of New Iberia this year.
“You know when you getting people to sit outside at 9 to 10 o’clock at night, it lets you know that the community has changed,” said Banks.
Banks is known for sharing his story of transitioning from a former gang member to a motivational speaker for the city’s youth.

He commends the New Iberia Police Department for the job they have been doing, but still says there’s a need for more resources for young people within the city.
“They need jobs, they need leadership to step up, and maybe encourage these young men, what can we do as a community to better our community, with these young men,” he said.
Family members as well as neighbors are just hopeful for this violence in the city to finally end.
“You stop the drugs you stop the violence, I don’t know what happened between him and them boys or whatever like that, but it don”t make no sense to shoot nobody up and hurt nobody up that bad,” said Davis.

NIPD Detectives are asking anyone with information on this murder to contact them at 337-369-2306 or at the tips hotline, 337-369-8477.