Two St. Landry Parish teachers have been arrested at Washington Elementary School.

Investigators say Ann Marie Shelvin of Opelousas is accused of having a student bullied by her classmates.

Tracy Gallow of Opelousas allegedly intimidated the student after Shelvin was reported to authorities.

Sheriff Bobby Guidroz says the mother of the 11-year-old contacted authorities and filed the complaint that a teacher was bullying her child.

The other teacher comes into play after the first teacher was removed from the school.

Two teachers accused of the unthinkable…having a student bullied by classmates.

According to the sheriff, the mother came to his office back in February.

She was told to file a complaint with the school board.

In April, the mother returned to the sheriff’s office to file charges because she said the bullying continued.

“The teacher promised to fail them if they did not listen and do as she instructed,” Guidroz said.

According to the report, the teacher, Ann Shelvin threatened students who refused to bully the student.

Students were allegedly told if they didn’t comply, they would not receive help with classwork or fail the class.

Shelvin also reportedly told the bullied juvenile to “go and kill yourself.”

The sheriff says Tracy Gallow is the teacher’s aide who replaced Shelvin when she was taken off school grounds.

Gallow reportedly pushed, pulled and yelled at the 11-year-old victim.

The mother believes Gallow was getting revenge for Shelvin being turned in.

In fact, detectives say they observed school video footage of Gallow in the act.

We reached out to the school board member for Washington Elementary. He was unavailable.

However, school board member Anthony Stanberry says what he knows about the situation is enough to be upsetting.

STANBERRY: “not going to tolerate it…the situation that’s what we plan to do.”

According to the report, the mother of the student involved told detectives the incident had been going on since October of last year.