UPDATE: EVANGELINE PARISH, La. — Deputies say two men took law into their own hands beating a theft suspect until he was broken, bruised, and bloodied.

An initial investigation revealed that an ATV side by side had been stolen from flat town farm supply in Ville Platte before sunrise Sunday morning and that a man identified as Michael Arvie (42) was in possession of it and had stopped for gas at a store where three men confronted him.

“The only thing he remembered was Ryan Vidrine yelling out, ‘That’s that N!&$#? right there. Let’s get him,” said Mckenzie Arvie as he recalled what his first cousin told him.

Michael Arvie is currently wanted for possession for stolen property, but his family doesn’t think that justified what happened to him Sunday.

The Evangeline Parish Sheriff’s Office said prior to deputies’ arrival, three men arrived at the Blue Junction convenience store to confront Arvie about a stolen side by side miles away from their Ville Platte store.

Mckenzie Arvie disagreed with that approach, “Why would you call law enforcement, make a report, and then go out and hunt him down like you’re bounty hunters or something, you know? That’s not right.”

Arvie’s cousin and auntie who raised him like a son said their family was warned about what could come next.

“They guys who did it already made a call to my son saying that we need to find him before they do,” stated Ruthie Arvie, Michael’s aunt. “And if they was going to find him before we do, the call wasn’t going to be too nice.”

Arvie’s family didn’t find him first. Authorities say an eyewitness reported Terald Vidrine (46) and Ryan Vidrine (35) saw their side by side at a gas pump, entered the store, identified Arvie, and beat him until he was nearly unconscious.

“Fractured ribs, his eye socket was fractured, what more could it take?” asked Mckenzie Arvie listing his cousin’s injuries.

Michael Arvie was transferred to a Lafayette hospital to undergo emergency surgery due to blood clots in his brain.

 “That’s attempted murder,” Mckenzie insisted.

“No one deserved to be treated that way. No one”, urged Ruthie Arvie. “I’m surprised that it did happen because of what’s going on now in this world.”

The Arvie family said this cannot happen again, and they plan to march when Michael can be with them to raise awareness of multiple incidents they call unjust.

Mckenzie told News 10, “My job right now is to make sure they don’t hurt another soul. That’s my primary focus.”

The Evangeline Parish Sheriff’s Office said Terald and Ryan Vidrine surrendered peacefully to authorities. They both have $35,000 bonds but are out on bail.
Arvie is listed as “still at large” with a $25,000 bond for possession of stolen property.

UPDATE: Friday afternoon, the attorney for Ryan Vidrine, Jacob Fusilier, sent this statement to KLFY News:

My client asserts that once all of the facts come out in a court of law the public will see that it is evident that events which took place are not as they have been portrayed. My clienthad been given information that Mr. Arvie was a fugitive wanted for escape from a correction facility who burglarized my client’s business. During that burglary more than $10,000 worth of damage was done to his building. The information received also indicated that the fugitive then stole his side by side ATV worth thousands of dollars, and they joy rode all over the parish with no repercussions. My client attempted to get his property back from the fugitive and then a confrontation occurred because the fugitive refused to give back.”

Jacob B. Fusilier

ORIGNAL STORY: EVANGELINE PARISH, La. (KLFY)- A man suffered an eye injury after three men reportedly attacked him last Sunday over stolen property, a release from the Evangeline Parish Sheriff’s Office says.

Deputies responding to a disturbance at the Blue Junction convenience store found a man who had been assaulted, the release states.

An initial investigation revealed that an ATV had been stolen from Flat Town Farm Supply in Ville Platte, and that a man identified as Michael N. Arvie was in possession and had stopped for gas at the store.

Prior to deputies’ arrival, the release states that three unidentified males who together owned the business arrived on scene to confront Arvie about the stolen ATV.

2 of the 3 men allegedly assaulted Arvie until he was nearly unconscious, the release says.

Arvie was examined at the scene and then transported to Opelousas General Hospital.

The suspects were identified as Terald Jude Vidrine, Ryan Vidrine, and Lance Vidrine, the release states.

Terald and Ryan Vidrine were both charged with 2nd degree battery, and surrendered to police Wednesday.

Arvie was charged with possession of stolen property and is still at large, the release states.