Another day of hot temperatures is expected with highs nearing 100-103 degrees later this afternoon. With humidity factored in, heat index values have been soaring into the 108-118 degree range and today will be no different. A HEAT WARNING is once again in effect. Rain chances look minimal, less than 10% each day, which will only worsen the drought situation across the area.

With the high pressure overhead this weekend, it doesn’t appear the forecast will change drastically.

Some signs of hope can be seen, however, by the early and middle parts of the week ahead. This ridge of high pressure, which has been responsible for all of this heat, may weaken on its eastern side and retreat to the west. It will be replaced by troughing coming in from the northwest. This reversal of the upper-level pattern means high temperatures may drop a few degrees, into the 98-99 degree range, and we could see a few more storms each afternoon. This relief will be short-lived, however, as it appears high pressure will regain control of the area by the end of the week and the weekend.