LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) The man killed by Lafayette police nearly 3 weeks ago, Trayford Pellerin, was laid to rest Thursday after a funeral at Philadelphia Christian Church.

Pellerin was remembered here at Philadelphia Christian Church, not a half mile from where he was killed on August 21.

During the funeral services, the community remembered the night of the shooting, but they also honored the life Pellerin lived before his untimely death.

The final viewing of the body may have been the most intense moment of the ceremonies at the church, as weeping family members saw their loved one for the last time.

But the sermon by Pastor Omar Thibeaux dove into the history of racial trauma that affects the Black community, and inspired action and change from all the people of Lafayette.

‘Since you’ve been disconnected you try to connect and show compassion, show love, show mercy. If you see one of my children, treat them like they were your children. Try to connect the best way you can.’

The sermon was followed by a eulogy given by Reverend Al Sharpton, a spiritual leader and civil rights activist who never met Pellerin, but says his live had value.

‘Tray don’t have to qualify to be alive. Whatever his background, it wasn’t on his back when y’all started shooting.’

We also heard from Lafayette Mayor-President Josh Guillory, who was often the target of ridicule from the community for how he handled the immediate aftermath of the Pellerin shooting.

He has since offered an apology, met with the family, and even accepted an invite to the funeral Thursday where he spoke briefly.

‘The Lord says to us, weeping may endure for a night, but joy comes in the morning.’

After hearing from attorneys representing the family, there was a closing prayer by Pastor Thibeaux before a procession drove to Calvary cemetery where Trayford Pellerin was laid to rest.