Traffic ‘nightmare’ after deadly I-10 crash


Interstate 10 was closed for hours after a deadly crash Monday morning. One of the detours was Highway 190– a route that quickly became congested.

I-10 and Hwy 190 run almost parallel, but drivers say not being able to be on the interstate really slowed traffic down.

“It’s been a nightmare. I mean, we’re just trying to get there. It should’ve been an hour drive and we’ve been on the road now for three hours,” said Candys Nelson, who was traveling from Prairiville to Breaux Bridge. She said her travel nightmare started as soon as she got to Baton Rouge.

“I could not get on I-10. They had the bridge blocked off, and then they they had all the northbound lanes blocked, the eastbound lanes and they weren’t letting anybody through unless it’s for local traffic,” explained Nelson.

Josh Guill was traveling from Springfield to Houston, “It’s [been] pretty bad… She’s actually got an appointment for radiation tonight at MD Anderson [Cancer Center].”

Guill says they never expected for their trip to take so long, “I think maybe State Police need to look at how they can expedite clean-up a little bit. I understand investigations and finding out what happened [takes time], but just look at how they can clean up a little faster so people can get on their way.”

But despite the inconvenience, drivers say they’re not forgetting that a life was lost.

“I just feel sorry for the man who passed away, you know, who was killed. And his family. Our thoughts and prayers are with him,” said Nelson.

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