Three SMILE board members voted out


UPDATE: All three board members accused of absenteeism and disruptive behavior have been voted out by  the Smile Community Action Agency.

The three board members in question are John Billiot, Wallace Ozenne and Africa Arceneaux.

Executive Administrative Consultant Craig Mathews says John Billiot has not attended any of the required community action council meetings.

Also, that Arceneaux’s conduct at board meetings is cause for her removal.

Arceneaux says she was not surprised that she was removed from the board.

“I’m not surprised they violate federal and state law. It’s my duty as a board member to disclose any financial conflict of interest and that’s what I have done today.” 

Arceneaux also says she plans to petition the courts for it’s “unlawful removal”. 

ORIGINAL: According to the board meeting agenda, two are accused of excessive absenteeism and another of disruptive conduct.

SMILE Executive Administrative Consultant, Rev. Craig Mathews says board members are allowed to be absent from four meetings.

“When it gets to a total of five whether they are excused or unexcused the board has the right to call for that individual’s removal,” adds Mathews.

The agenda item calls to for the removal of John Billiot and Wallace Ozenne for absences; and Africa Arceneaux for cause  

Mathews says to his knowledge Billiot has not attended any of the required Community Action Council meetings.; and Arceneaux’s conduct at the board meetings is the cause for her removal to come into question.

“Several areas of concern including creating a hostile environment during board meetings, being disruptive and some other issues the board has raised with her in previous meetings,” says Mathews.

Board member Africa Arceneaux says she’s being bullied because she’s refusing to collaborate with what’s taking place.

“I refuse to be complicit with their schemes throughout the government and break the law.  If I am ever subpoenaed by the federal government, I will be honest about all the activities and the actions surrounding the board,” says Arceneaux.

Mathews says being a board member with SMILE requires an ongoing commitment of the governing body to be engaged in smile’s affairs.

There are a lot of critical things SMILE has to overcome in order to continue to provide uninterrupted quality services to the people who depend upon us the most,” adds Mathews.

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