All three of Abbeville’s homicides in past two months remain unsolved


ABBEVILLE, La. (KLFY)- Police records show that in two months, there have been three homicides in Abbeville.

The first homicide happened on April 2.

One month later on May 3, Abbeville police responded to a second homicide.

The third and most recent homicide occurred on June 2.

“This needs to stop. Our community is filled with fear and really, disgust. It’s disgusting. This human life was lost right here on the street behind me,” Abbeville city councilman Francis Plaisance said, pointing to a discolored patch of concrete where police discovered a body Tuesday night.

Plaisance says people are afraid the victims’ killers are still walking the streets.

“The mood in the city is one of fear. This is a community of approximately 12,500 people, and you’re going to have three murders in three months?” he questioned.

He says every night residents are reminded of the violence taking place around them, as the sound of gunshots echo through neighborhoods.

“We have people right now in this community that are hitting the floor at night, and their kids are hitting the floor at night. There are houses you can drive to in Abbeville that you can see bullet holes in,” Plaisance told News 10.

While fear grips some families, other families are left only with sadness and an empty chair at the dinner table.

“This boy was 20 years old. His whole future life was ahead for him. Regardless of who he was, it’s a human being that’s lost his life, and that’s useless. It’s a useless killing in my opinion,” he added.

Plaisance says Abbeville police are doing all they can to solve the murders, but the key to cracking the cases may lie in the hands of someone in the community.

“In order for law enforcement to do a better job, they need to have all the information they can get,” he said.

He’s urging anyone with information about the homicides to call the city’s anonymous tipline.

“It may not be very important to you, but it could be very critical for law enforcement, so call this number,” he said. “No one is going to know who you are. They won’t have to know who you are.”

The Abbeville police anonymous tip line number is 337-892-6777.

Citizens may also send anonymous tips through the department’s Facebook page and by clicking on the “Submit a Tip” link at or the Abbeville Police Department app.

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