LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) – The controversial Drag Queen Story Time event set for this weekend has been postponed indefinitely.

Officials at South Louisiana Community College said they could no longer host the event because of safety concerns and limited space.
In the middle of September the event was moved to SLCC from the Main Lafayette Public Library Downtown because of space concerns.

The college said it was expecting large protests on campus Saturday and because they have a limited security force, they simply could not let the show go on.
It’s been more than 2 weeks since the majority of the Lafayette City-Parish Council declined to vote on a resolution denouncing the controversial event.

More than 70 speakers showed up that night that were for and against the Story Time.
“This is about shutting a community out of equal access to services that a government organization provides,” said one Lafayette resident.
“What’s the target age for the Drag Queen Story Time, I just don’t see the necessity,” said another Lafayette resident.
SLCC now says they can’t afford to let the show happen, saying in a statement, “The ongoing and increasing concerns regarding safety and security, and the limited capacity of the college to manage a potential event of this magnitude.”
“We just decided that we’d postpone it to a later date,” said Brad Parfait, the President of Delta Lambda Phi Fraternity.
The organization was putting on the event in conjunction with the library.
“We were a little upset that we weren’t going to have the venue of choice, but we’ll still keep on going forward,” he said.
The Lafayette Public Library says they will not permanently cancel the event, saying in a statement, “The Library administration and its Board of Control firmly believe in carrying out its mission to serve a diverse community.”
“The end goal has stayed the same throughout the entire event, to make sure that bullying is decreased in schools and inclusion and diversity are promoted,” said Parfait.
The fraternity says the event will definitely not be taking place until sometime in 2019, but they may try to do a smaller gathering for their supporters in the coming weeks.
However, other venues like Feed N’ Seed in Downtown Lafayette, have offered their venue for the Story Time to take place on Saturday.
There is also a current federal lawsuit before Judge Summerhays by some Lafayette citizens that has 6 restraining order requests that aim to force the library to end it’s partnership with the organizations behind the Drag Queen Story Time.