The Iberia Parish Council is working to reduce the number of false burglar alarm calls. 

Councilmen Ricky Gonsoulin says the parish is seeing alarms go off in empty businesses. When those alarms do go off, the sheriff’s office is notified and they respond to those calls which causes spending and public safety issues. 

“It becomes burdensome and costly for the police department to continue to go out and service that call,” says Gonsoulin. He says just in the last month they’ve seen two false alarm calls.  “We feel as a council if we establish an ordinance for a company that installs burglary alarm systems when they do so that they contact the sheriff’s department to create a database about where they install it, only on commercial buildings so that the sheriff’s department can have a database of information.”

The council says the ordinance could provide the sheriff’s office with the information they need to get in contact with those businesses who need to turn cancel their alarms. 

Gonsoulin says, “By no means do we want to eliminates law-enforcement going out in a crucial situations and hampering Public Safety that’s not what we are after we are talking about an existing situation that reoccurs over and over again that we know is a false alarm that we want to make sure we have that contact information and we build a database that we can address those needs.”