The Best of 90 Plus gives personal advice on living the “good life”


LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) – The Best of 90 Plus brings us a man who’s 95 and respects the drill of life.

For some people, the secret to longevity is understanding your place in life and not fighting against what’s intended for you.

“People think they have a lot of control over life but you don’t have much control.  You look back and see what you wanted to do and it didn’t turn out.  So, you shift to something else,” says Thomas Nevitt, a retired university professor of printing and graphic arts and World War veteran.Nevitt also lived through the Depression Era.

Nevitt says when he moved to Lafayette he opened his own printing business.

“The building is still there. I worked until I was 92. I figured it was time to retire,” adds Nevitt.

Nevitt drives to The Rosehouse Senior Center in Lafayette five days a week to workout. He uses the treadmill and lifts weights.

“You have to keep moving if you want to keep living.  I figure if I move today, then I can move tomorrow,” explains Nevitt.

Thomas says he has two sons and grandchildren.

His advice on life is not to hold a grudge; “If you spend all your time trying to get even, then you’re going to waste your life,” he explains.

Nevitt says he’s lived a good life and believes God has a plan for everyone.  “I don’t wear my religion on my sleeves but I think God does have a plan for us. Nothing has (fallen) into place like I thought it would, but everything fell into place the way it should be,” adds Nevitt.

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