One resident says multiple text messages were sent to him offering him a loan for up to  
$10,000 to go into his account the same day.  

Rodney Leger says, “That’s three in just two days and that’s not counting all the other ones that are deleted and reported as spam and I don’t know how they’re getting my number.. no idea.” 

The text messages are from the same phone number, but different people.  

“The first one was (from) a Christie that was yesterday. The second one yesterday was a Polly and the one this morning was a Haley,” explains Leger. 

Fred Mills, President and CEO of Farmers Merchants Bank & Trust says its best to not give away your bank account information no matter the circumstance.  

Mills says, “Handle the information that they’re requesting from you as though it was a family member. You’re not going to give a family member to a stranger. Don’t give your account information to a stranger. Always be aware that somebody is trying to take something from you. Don’t give it away.” 

Keeping your bank account up-to-date with the latest security measures by consistently changing your passwords makes it more difficult for scammers to get access.  

“For your Internet banking account or mobile deposits, make sure your passwords are pretty complex, make sure that you change it on a regular basis and don’t share it with anyone,” adds Mills. 

Mills says to never give away your banking information by phone, text or email, even if a bank calls you. It’s always best to go in person to a bank.  

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