A suspect in a Lake Arthur murder case is behind bars again.

Vaughn Dell Robinson was charged with illegal possession of stolen things.  The 40 year old was out on bond for the murder of Charles Raymond Talen.  

The 73-year old was killed in February 2015.  His body was found by Jefferson Davis Sheriff Deputies in his home.

On the latest charge, authorities tell KLFY 10 News they found the stolen items in a barn at Robinson’s girlfriends home.  

“We checked his criminal history, he has 14 arrests in Louisiana and 1 in Texas,” said Chief Deputy Christopher Ivey, with the Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office.

A lengthy arrest record for Robinson, has some wondering how has he avoided jail time for so many of the charges against him.

“In Louisiana like every other state, you are presumed innocent until proven guilty,” said Michael Cassidy, the Jefferson Parish District Attorney.

Vaughn’s criminal arrest record goes all the way back to 1995.
But the most serious charges he faces are first degree murder, accessory after the fact, armed robbery, accessory after the fact, and obstruction of justice, all related to the 2015 murder of Charles Talen.

“In this particular case, Mr. Robinson was charged as part of the homicide of Mr. Talen, by obstructing justice etc, and so his bond was set at $150,000, he was able to meet that bond and was released,” said Cassidy.

“It’s frustrating for us to see them out again, when we do the work, do the paper work and arrest them. But the ones that keep doing the same thing over and over and over again, it gets frustrating,” said Ivey.

He says is easy for officers to keep tabs on some suspects who bond out of jail, because they are so familiar with the subjects and their where-abouts. 

Cassidy says the court can consider revoking bail for a suspect continuously accused of criminal conduct, who poses a threat to the community.

“You can be held without bond, and the amount of the bond would be significantly raised, based on the new allegations,” said Cassidy.

Vaughn is currently in the Jefferson Davis Parish Jail for Wednesday’s arrest.
The District Attorney’s office tells News 10, they have finished some other cases involving Talen’s murder.

Vaughn Robinson’s court date in the Talen case is scheduled for May 14.
If convicted, he could face anywhere from 30 to 50 years in prison.