BATON ROUGE, La. (KLFY) – Representatives with Bayou Bridge Pipeline spoke in depth about the products crude oil provides, the safety of the pipeline, and about its benefits for the economy, like providing 2,500 construction jobs. But only 12 permanent positions.

St. Martin Parish President, Guy Cormier asked the Army Corps of Engineers if they could add conditions to the permit, something in writing that says they have to do something to eliminate some of the damages that have been seen in the past

While many spoke in favor of the pipeline, many other were against the proposed pipeline, citing ecological threats and suggest the focus should shift to renewable energy.

Protesters cited 144 pipeline accidents in Louisiana in 2016, and hundreds of pipeline leaks nationwide in recent years, which are all being taken into consideration during the permit process.

Because of the extremely large number of people who wanted to speak, the Army Corps of Engineers is asking anyone who has comments or questions to email them. The address can be found on their website by clicking here