A heated dispute involving the 16th Judicial District Court Judge Tori Landry and the 16th Judicial District Attorney’s Office continues to intensify.

Landry has been targeted with more than 100 motions to be recused from criminal cases in recent weeks.

Nearly 100 people stood on the steps of the Iberia Parish Courthouse Friday morning  in solidarity to support Judge Lori Landry.

Within less than 10 minutes of what was scheduled to be a motion of recusal for over 75 cases against Landry, was pushed back another two days.
> Supporters left a courtroom filled with standing room only after a judge decided they needed more time to review Landry’s case.

I”t’s despicable that just because the district attorney’s office can’t get their way that they’re going to decide well we want you to be removed like he has that much power,” said Khadijah Rashad, a rally organizer.

The motions, filed by the 16th JDC District Attorney’s office, claim Landry is prejudice and bias against the prosecutors in the DA’s office.

Rashad has also started a petition. “People believe and support Judge Landry because of her integrity, because of her willingness to look at the evidence and if there is no evidence then the case is dismissed,” she added.
> United hand-in-hand, the group believes the hearing was postponed because of their overwhelming support.

Supporters like Donald Thompson said they elected Landry as judge to serve “the people” and not the D. A.’s office.

“We will not allow the deceptive and evil and wicked practice and injustices of this system in this District Attorney’s office to remove our sister from any case that she is the chief judge residing over,” said Thompson.

This hearing is rescheduled for Monday at 9 a.m. at the Iberia Parish Courthouse. The number of supporters is expected to double on this date.

Another 30 motions are still waiting to be issued as other criminal cases come up before Landry.